The All-New Media Composer

It's finally here. Avid's 2019 Media Composer Update. And hell, was I hyped for this one. Well... Reimagined! Revolutionary! For the makers! That's how Avid itself advertised this update, and with it came an interesting change of presentation. Avid usually used to use the more traditional editing suite for they're promos. You know, 2 GUI monitors, a dedicated preview monitor, audio mixer etc. But with this update, Avid shifted it's focus to the "...

Get your Alpha straight

In this post, I'll show you why it's better to use straight alpha channels and what happens if you don't. Two different kinds of alpha channels In After Effects, there are basically two different ways to create files with alpha channels: Premultiplied and Straight. The difference between those two is how they save their transparency information. Adobe says this: "With straight (or unmatted) channels, transparency information is stored only in th...

Keep your database clean

The project-based media files system This tip might not apply for anyone, especially if you're working in a network environment with shared media files across projects, or if you're working in a big company and have no direct access to Avid's media files. But for everyone who is able to do it, I highly recommend project-based media files. Not only does that prevent your database form growing too big, it also makes sharing projects incredibly easy...

Lost in (color) space

Please note: All tests are done with Avid Media Composer 8.8., After Effects 2017 v14.1.0.57 and Premiere 2017.0.2 v.11.0 Before we start, download this sheet I have created. It shows all the different combination of import and export options and their outcome. Feel free to share it wherever you want. Alright, the first thing I want to talk about is something that comes up over and over again: Color spaces! I keep on seeing issues with different c...

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